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Feel more confident, focused and ready for the road…

There are hundreds of these types of events up and down the country each year that range from real ‘starter/family’ focused short rides (two to ten miles) to much longer ‘distance challenges’ (25, 50 or even l00 miles plus).

Cyling Holiday

Charity and challenge rides provide a great opportunity to get together with other cycle enthusiasts, raise money for deserved causes and make for a wonderful day out. Oh, and let’s not forget they are great for your own health Progressive plan Cycling and well being too! If you’re reading this and thinking I’m not doing an event but I’d like to, boost your health-focused cycling even further by setting a goal. Sign up for an event. It’ll give you focus, something to work towards and motivation to get out and ride.

Limiting your physical preparation for the event to reading your mate’s finishers’ certificate from last year in your local pub whilst reaching for another hand of honey-roasted peanuts might seem like a good idea but it’ll cost you on the day of the ride! You’ve committed to the event, now don’t do half a job - commit to the process and journey to get there that’ll make your ride on the day so much easier, satisfying and fun.

Although for many events, especially the shorter ones, you can probably get away without doing too much, preparing your body appropriately for the event will ensure that you get the most from the day. Depending on your previous exercise history and fitness level you might be able to complete the ride, but your body won’t thank you during or after it and you won’t be inspired to do it again anytime soon. You are much better to aim for an event with a lead-up time of six to eight weeks and then invest some time planning and preparing your body to cope with the demands of the ride. You wouldn’t turn up to an important work meeting without having planned for it first, so why take the risk for your charity bike event? Plus, the preparation that you make all contributes hugely to improving your overall health status. Arriving on the day in better shape, a few kilos lighter with some cycling miles in your legs is a bright idea. It’ll make you feel more confident, focused and ready for the road.