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Cycling Information

Regular cycling is fun, improves your fitness and can help to reduce obesity and your risk of osteoporosis, stroke and heart disease. Like walking, it’s great for strengthening your heart and lungs which is essential for good fitness.

Cyling Holiday

Cycling Holidays in SpainGet a trimmer tum
Cycling is a great calorie and fat burner and although our legs do a lot of the work, cycling correctly means you will work your core and upper body too - making you trimmer and fitter in the long-term. Cycling works our upper thigh muscles, abdominals, bottoms and calf muscles

Getting started
If you fancy cycling but haven’t been on a bike for years, don’t be put off. You can hire a bike for a day before investing in one but if you do decide to buy, expect to pay around £200 for a brand-new one or look in the classified section of the local paper for a second-hand model.

Pushing off
Any new form of exercise can be difficult to begin with but you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body adapts. Find a pace that leaves you feeling warm but able to breathe easily. After a few weeks, begin to increase the distances you cycle or the speed you pedal at. Aim for at least 30 minutes of cycling per day. It’s good to explore different routes so that you continue to challenge yourself and don’t lose interest. And, if you get tired, just get off and push your bike instead – you’ll still be burning calories!

The right gear
If you just want a bike to get you from A to B, a standard road bike is your best bet. If you’re more adventurous a mountain bike can he ridden almost anywhere. A good cycle helmet (around £40 to £50) is essential for safe protection. Ask the shop assistant to make sure it’s a good fit. You don’t need special cycling clothing to start with, but do wear light-coloured items so that you are easily spotted by drivers.