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Bicycle luggage

Your bike shop will stock many of these items of cycling luggage:

Rear rack: get a sturdy, four-point fixing rear carrier made from steel or aluminium tubing or thick aluminium rod.

Cyling Holiday

Progressive plan Cycling Panniers: Rear panniers with a generous 54-litre capacity, are hardwearing and rain-proof are ideal. Also with a hook system for instant, secure fixing to most racks. If they are not water-proof wrap in plastic.

Bar bag: handy for cameras, wallets and other valuables, and will have an integral – or optional extra – map case on top.

You want something hardwearing and tough, made from cotton duck preferably, which can be removed quickly and simply. A shoulder strap and high-visibility reflective front strap are also good to have.

Saddle bag: while tools can go in pannier pockets, a small seatpack is useful for bits and bobs. If your bike won’t take panniers, a nice saddle bag can prove very useful – and might just suffice for an overnight B&B stay.