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Cycling For Fitness

Cycling in general is great for fitness and very much enjoyable too. The rush of wind in your face as you carve through the air is a feeling many enjoy from childhood. The bicycle is an incredibly efficient machine, utilising relatively small amounts of your energy and converting it into speed, for this reason you can cover vast distances and take in much scenery within the space of a couple of hours. It is no wonder that the sport has proved itself so popular.

Cyling Holiday

For the beginner cyclist, cycling training may be for the pure enjoyment of riding, and possibly later a desire

to compete my find you lining up at the local cycling club’s next race! Regardless of the goals you set yourself, cycling should be enjoyed at all times.

Progressive plan Cycling Visiting your local cycling shop you will find all the goodies you need to enjoy your riding. Cycling equipment such as helmet, glasses, jersey, shorts, socks and shoes will transform your appearance to that of an avid cyclist, however all you need as a keen beginner is a cycling helmet and a pair of padded cycling shorts.

These two items will protect your head and bottom as you set out on your first adventures.

There are various facets of cycle sport, including, racing, touring and mountain biking. Personal taste dictates the choices cyclists make with regard to the disciplines, and many cyclists take part in more than one of the sport’s various codes.

If you find yourself enjoying your riding more and more, it may be fun to look up a cycling club in your area. A good club will accommodate all levels of riders, and nurture the beginner into a seasoned cyclist. Another advantage of joining a club is that you will meet other cyclists with whom you can go cycling on training rides that will improve your skills and fitness levels.

Indoor cycling as a group activity has taken off in many gyms, and this may prove to be an enjoyable variation to your exercise routine. The setup of a “spinning class” is much the same as that of an aerobics class, with an instructor in front of the class and music providing a rhythm by which to spin yourself into a sweaty trance. This option, although worlds apart from cycling down country lanes, has indeed proved very popular.

However you wish to enjoy your pedalling, be it on a mountain bike, hybrid or racing bicycle, every pedal revolution will bring you closer to a fitter and healthier self. Cycling for fitness should involve a balanced Carb and protein diet