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Welcome to Cycling Holidays

With the stress of modern living, a holiday is often the best way to unwind. Seeing as exercise is generally accepted as an excellent stress relief mechanism in itself, many cyclists have opted to combine their cycling passion with holiday time spent abroad. Destinations from Majorca to Peru have become frequented by cyclists in search of sunny skies and warmer weather, especially during the European winter.

Cyling Holiday

Cycling HolidaysThis trend is reflected across the cycling spectrum, from professional teams sending their riders on training camps to Namibia and California, to cycle tourists exploring the flora and fauna of numerous exotic locations.

Some people take their bikes along; alternatively it is possible to hire a bike from a company giving guided tours. Remember to go prepared, some basic fitness and an investment in decent cycling clothing and accessories will go a long way in making your holiday far more enjoyable. Popular cycling holiday destinations include France, Spain and Italy.

Cycling holidays in France

If you are looking for the ultimate experience in cycle touring, try cycling in France. Here you will find a variety of packaged deals with full itineraries, visiting chateau’s as you trek from hotel to hotel. Another option is to look into tour packages offering the unforgettable experience of cycling the Tour de France route, or at least parts of it. Of course the more adventurous can plot out personal routes, visiting bed and breakfasts along the way.Cycling Holidays in Spain

Cycling Holidays in Spain

Many Spanish cycling holidays will explore Catalonia, and with the picturesque scenery and varied birdlife the visiting cyclist can enjoy exploring centuries old villages, churches and of course the romantic cultural elements of Spain. Many of these holidays come in week long packages that take the cyclist from hotel to hotel as they tour the region, enjoying a warm and sunny climate.

Cycling Holidays in Italy

Tuscany is a beautiful holiday destination and ideal for cycling. With beautiful weather this is a hotspot for European cyclists looking to escape the chillier northern regions in favour of a Mediterranean cycling paradise. For a week long exploration of the region a packaged tour will show you much of the unspoilt beauty Italy has to offer. Many of Italy’s great cycling heroes have roots in Tuscany, perhaps this is evidence enough of the superbly cycling friendly climate you can enjoy there the map you are using. It is probably more enjoyable and safer to tour with a friend or loved one, so why not plan such a trip for your next holiday?